Your plan: the key to successful investing

Investing may seem like a daunting task. There appears to be so much we need to know. However, much like planning a trip, the key to successful investing is having the right information, a well-constructed plan and, often, the right advice. Yes, this takes effort when we might rather be doing something else, but once the planning is complete, we’re on our way.

Do you need the skills, knowledge and tools of a tour guide to take a vacation? Of course not. However, as with those experts, there are times when having a trusted advisor can help you reach your destination. Your advisor can help you set realistic, attainable goals, and create a plan to help achieve them.

Some investors have several financial goals, and several investment accounts that are designed to work towards each of those goals. Each account may have its own strategy to attain its specific objective. For example, an RESP can be used to save for a child’s education, an RRSP can be used to save for retirement and a TFSA can be used to save for a house, car or vacation property.

How you invest the money in each of those investment accounts depends on your personal circumstances, including how much risk you are prepared to take and how long you plan to save for. An investment advisor can help you identify the investments that are appropriate for each of your accounts.

With a well-constructed plan and a trusted investment advisor, you are on your way.