Your investor profile

Your financial advisor is required by law to understand your investment needs and characteristics. This is known as the “Know Your Client” rule.

An understanding of your investment style will enable your financial advisor to give you the best possible advice about how to invest your money.

Your financial advisor will gain this understanding by having you fill out an “investor profile” form that describes what you are trying to achieve and how much risk you are willing and able to handle. You will be asked to update this form on an annual basis – and more often if your financial circumstances change.

Ensuring that your investor profile is up-to-date and genuinely reflects your investment goals and style will help your financial advisor provide you with better client service and advice that is suitable for you.

The BC Securities Commission has developed a Risk Test to help you understand your tolerance for risk. The Autorité des marchés financiers has created a questionnaire to help you learn more about your personal investor profile and risk tolerance.