Your peace of mind

It is one thing to invest prudently. It is another to be worry-free about it. We hear daily about the many influences that impact our investments. Markets can be volatile. Interest rates rise and fall. There is even a small possibility someone will try to defraud us.

How do we protect ourselves against the seemingly limitless influences that affect our investments?

First, develop a plan that takes into consideration the ebb and flow of investing. Make sure you understand the essentials of your personal plan so you can change it if necessary. It is common to face occasional stormy markets, just as it is common to experience delays and bad weather when you are on vacation.

To ensure setbacks are temporary, you need to build protective measures into your plan. It is like packing a raincoat when you travel. You may even have to change your plan to suit the circumstances.

As you age, you may decide to focus more on preserving your wealth rather than seeking growth opportunities.

Second, a trained financial advisor has the experience and tools to help you consider who you are and what you want and need from your investments. Engage a financial advisor to guide you if you do not have the knowledge or time to create and manage your financial plan.

Advisors take pride in serving their clients well. The industry is well-regulated and there is a process to address any problems that may arise.