The knowledgeable investor

The mutual funds industry knows that informed investors:

  • Make better decisions,
  • Are more disciplined about sticking with their investment plans, and
  • Have better quality conversations with their advisors.

That’s why the industry is on the front line of financial literacy efforts, producing a host of materials, programs and online resources for Canadians of all ages, and actively partnering with educators, government and other groups.

The industry works with our regulators to create easy-to-understand investor information and statements. We have made great strides in creating accessible plain-language materials. Most importantly, we educate investors through the thousands of individual conversations that take place each and every day between advisors and their clients.

As the voice of Canada’s investment funds industry, IFIC is proud to sponsor the many activities of the Jr. Economic Club of Canada – an organization devoted to inspiring Canadian youth to become financially literate. The Club organizes groups of high school students to spend a “Day on Bay Street”, giving them first-hand exposure to Toronto’s financial district, while teaching them about making smart financial decisions, budgeting, compound interest, investing and trading. The Club has introduced the eight-day “North Meets South Summer Exchange Camp” for 50 high school students in Ontario and Nunavut. This hands-on program was designed to equip these students with business, entrepreneurship, personal finance, job readiness and critical thinking skills. It includes a business competition where students will get to market their very own business ideas and business plans to a group of A-list Canadian business leaders and senior government officials for a chance to win academic scholarships.

We fund the distribution of the school workbook and teachers’ guide Money and Youth through the Canadian Foundation for Economic Education.

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